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EJX530B Wireless Differential Pressure/Pressure Transmitter

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The high performance wireless absolute and gauge pressure transmitters EJX510B and EJX530B feature single crystal silicon resonant sensor and are suitable to measure liquid, gas, or steam pressure. EJX510B and EJX530B transmit not only process variables but also the setting parameters using wireless signal. The transmitters run on internal batteries, and the installation cost can be decreased since hard-wiring is not required. The communication is compliant with ISA100.11a protocol specifications.

Features include:

  • Long Life Battery Design
    Ultra low current consumption design using two high capacity lithium-thionyl chloride batteries provide wireless operation for years.

  • Security Assured Wireless Network Joining
    Infrared communication between the devices for wireless network configuration and parameter setting.

  • Quick Update Time
    Selectable from 0.5 second to 60 minutes for measured process value to publish wirelessly.

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