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Pulp and Paper

With harsh working environments and the wide variety of chemicals used in the production process, Contro Valve’s full line up of control and safety relief valves meet the strict requirements of the industry for boiler applications, continuous and batch digesters, bleaching, chemical recovery, paper production and water treatment.

Reliable valves and instruments for severe process conditions and harsh environments

Manufacturing equipment in the paper industry has to have high operational availability. So besides being highly accurate, the measurement technology used also has to be robust, have long-term stability and be easy to service. Our line of instruments can provide stable and accurate measurement in these severe process conditions and harsh environments for such applications as level, flow, pressure, temperature, consistency, turbidity, pH, fixed gas detection and emissions monitoring amongst others. Some examples of the products that we offer the industry include:

  • Masoneilan’s flow control valves have been used in the forest industry for many years on such applications as control of steam supply to paper machines, evacuation of condensate, steam conditioning for de-super heating, chemical dossing control, flow control for abrasive clay slurries and stock flow control.
  • Consolidated safety and safety relief valves have been configured, engineered, and manufactured to adhere to industry regulations and global standards for the pulp and paper industry. These valves are in compliance with ASME Section VIII Process Application Standards and ASME Section I Boiler Application Regulations amongst others.
  • The presence of many toxic and combustible gases in the pulp manufacturing process requires reliable fixed gas detection equipment to properly protect the workforce. MSA’s line of fixed gas detectors are ideally suited for most of the industry’s applications including combustible gases, CO, Cl2, ClO2, SO2, and H2S to name a few.
  • Galvanic Applied Sciences line of gas and liquid analyzers deliver the utmost in ease-of-operation, precise measurements, consistent, field-proven performance and value. From precision liquid-analysis systems ideal for assuring that reused and recycled process water continue to meet strict process parameters through real-time measurement of suspended solids in green and white liquor, to viscometry measurement of paper coatings, to effluent monitoring for environmental compliance and reporting.
  • Yokogawa's line-up of powerful sensors and flow meters are available with “best-fit-model selection” for every process in a pulp & paper plant, and delivers stability, precision, robustness in process measurement even under the challenging applications such as digesters and washers in chemical pulp plants. Some applications include the robust magnetic meters for stock flow measurement and vortex meters for steam flow.
  • The range of products and services from VEGA for measurement of level, point level and pressure is setting the standard in the paper industry. VEGA is the world leader in radar and nuclear level measurement. Another core technology from VEGA is the unique CERTEC® ceramic measuring cell for process pressure and hydrostatic level measurement.
  • Flowserve NAF is a leading supplier of advanced control units, actuators and valves for complete control and safe operation in Pulp and Paper.
  • Valmet Corporation provides best in class instruments for in-line measurement of consistency and conductivity in pulp mill applications.

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